BMX for Boys


Games Like BMX for Boys for PC

#1 King of Dirt


King of Dirt combines the elements of Racing and Sports Simulation developed by WildLabs. The game supports Single-player mode and takes place in the realistic environment. It includes exciting BMX bikes such as Crazy MTB, SS MTB, BMX, Scooter, etc. Select one of them and dive in the world where you can perform numerous tricks to gain points. It contains over ten arenas, and you can manipulate the environment from either a third or first person view. You can customize your bike to change its appearance and enhance the performance. Learn new tricks and level up your character by completing a variety of levels. Compete against opponents on multiple tracks and struck them with your deadly tricks to show who is the best. As you gain experience and score the highest points, the game will unlock other levels and bikes to select and play. Navigate the world to score the points while avoiding a variety of obstacles to further progress through the game. Six exciting Bikes, Nine Arenas, both First and Third-person view, Customization Options, Twenty Craziest Stunts, etc. are the prominent features of the game. King of Dirt is the best game for those who love playing sports games.