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19 Best Dirt Bike Games

Dirt Bike Games deal with Racing and Exploration elements and puts the player on the role of the rider who has an option to select his favourite bike from available and compete against rivals. The player explores the environment from either a first-person viewpoint or a third-person perspective. During the gameplay, the player performs different stunts and can jump higher to overcome obstacles. Most of the games support Multiplayer mode, enabling the players to compete against each other in stunning tracks full of challenging, insane jumps, and obstacles. The player must drive his vehicle and struggle to complete the laps before anyone while performing amazing stunts to collect points. There are powerful bikes available which can be unlocked using the points or game currency that the player can earn by completing the tasks or defeat the opponents. The players can upgrade their bike to improve the performance and can also customize in most of the games. Dirt Bike Games have multiple tracks, a collection of bikes, and more.

4. Excitebike

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Excitebike is a 1984 Single-player and Multiplayer Racing video game developed by Hudson Soft and published by Nintendo. The game revolves around the side-scroll motorbike racing gameplay, and it serves as the sequel to Excitebike 64. In the start of the game, the player can control a red bike with…

11. Motocross Nitro

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Motocross Nitro is a Side-scroll, Racing, and Single-player Sports video game developed and published by The game revolves around bike racing element and features advanced motorbikes. It offers multiple course and lets you select your bike and take a chance to show off your abilities. The game mixes the…

12. MXGP 2

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MXGP 2 is a Sports and Realistic Bike Racing Simulation developed and published by Milestone S.r.l. The game features both Single-player and Multiplayer modes and introduces superb bikes, drivers and tracks from around the globe. The player needs to select his favorite bike with the best statistics and jump in…

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