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19 Games Like The Oregon Trail

The Oregon Trail is a Simulation created by MECC and published by the Broderbund, The learning Company and Gameloft as a joint venture. The game is actually a remake of the 1971’s top trending game of the same name. Back in 1971 the game was intended for the School Children and it helped them learn about the 19th Century Pioneer Life on The Oregon Trail. In the previous version of the game, the players could get into the role of a Wagon Leader and their task was to guide their party of early settlers from Independence (a town in Missouri) to Willamette valley based in Oregon, USA. The gameplay of The Oregon Trail consists of the events that happened between the journeys from Independence to Willamette Valley. The events include ambushes, Hunting, Disease, Deaths and all the hardships that the people who travelled, faced throughout the time they spent travelling. With all of its glory, The Oregon Trail video game sold over sixty five Million copies worldwide and it was famous among the students the most. The game portrayed all the depictions as they happened and the rebuilt version of the game by Rawitsch, perfected the story to all the bits and pieces. With a remarkable story, addictive gameplay and a brilliant source to learn all about “The Oregon Trail”, this game is a classic that shouldn’t be missed by all those who love history.

Don’t Starve
Good alternative game?

Don’t Starve, developed by Klei Entertainment is an Action-Adventure, Survival and Roguelike video game. The story features a Scientist named as Wilson who finds himself in a very dark and eerie place. In his struggle to survive, Don’t Starve tasks you to help Wilson keep him fed, healthy and mentally…

FTL: Faster than Light
Good alternative game?

FTL: Faster than Light, developed by Subset games is a Rouguelike Real-time Strategy (RTS) and Shooting Simulation by Subset Games. The game provides with Permadeath Mechanics and allows you to engage yourself in an amazing space themed environment. According to the story, you control a crew and an FTL (Faster…

The Banner Saga
Good alternative game?

The Banner Saga by Stoic is an amazingly engaging Tactical, Strategy, RPG and Free-to-Play MMO video game. The game allows you to get into the role of Viking who is destined to make strategic choices, make allies and travel to unknown distances in order to eliminate an epic new threat…

Don’t Starve Together
Good alternative game?

Don’t Starve Together is a standalone Action-Adventure and Survival expansion pack of the original Don’t Starve with Multiplayer functionality. The game offers Reign of Giants mod that features new characters, new challenges, Puzzles, biomes, seasons and creatures to immerse you with the game-play a bit more tightly. As the same…

Sid Meier’s Civilization V
Good alternative game?

Sid Meier’s Civilization V or shortly named as Civilization V is a wonderful 4X Turn-based MMO-RTS video game by Firaxis Games. The game is based on the player who leads a civilization from Primordial times to the future on a methodologically created map. The game lets you use your skills…

Neo Scavenger
Good alternative game?

Neo Scavenger is another great Action-Adventure and Survival video game that leaves you right in the middle of a Wasteland and lets you survive in an unforgiving environment, find out who you really are and why are you here. The game totally lets you decide what to do with your…

Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space
Good alternative game?

Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space is a Sci-Fi Roguelike video game developed by Digital Eel. The game is a direct sequel to Strange Adventures in Infinite Space that takes you to the fictional settings of Milky Way and puts you right into the middle of it in Purple Void.…

Block Story
Good alternative game?

Block Story is another great Action-Adventure, MMORPG and a Voxel Based Sandbox video game. The game allows you to have a Minecraft and Trove like feeling, Explore a procedurally generated game world, Mine for resources, craft different items, build structures, go on epic quests and engage in hardcore combats with enemies…

The Tribez
Good alternative game?

The Tribez takes the players back to the very start of Stone-Age and allows them to enjoy a remarkable Empire Building Simulation. The game is all about the start of humanity and it lets the players act as one of the first human builders in an era when everything was…

Game of War
Good alternative game?

Game of War is a fantastic Free-to-Play MMO-RTS video game by Machine Zone that offers wonderful Strategy, City Building and Management elements embedded well into the core game-play. The mechanics and game-play of Game of War is greatly inspired by the big names like Warcraft and Age of Empires Series.…

Game of War: Fire Age
Good alternative game?

Game of War: Fire Age is a free to play Massively Multiplayer Online and RTS video game developed back in 2013 by Machine Zone. This amazingly engaging game resembles three famous games Shadow Kings, Warcraft and Forge of Empires and that is why you’ll see a a similar game-play and…

Heroes of Order and Chaos
Good alternative game?

Heroes of Order and Chaos is one of the most played and well liked MOBA video game that offers playability on both iOS and Android devices. Pioneer in shifting the MOBA genre over to the Mobile Platform, Heroes of Order and Chaos offers a truly amazing and quite addictive gameplay…

The Paradise Cove
Good alternative game?

The Paradise Cove is a great Management and Building Simulation that offers a The Simpsons: Tapped Out like experience. This amazing City Building and management video game lets you rule over an island, explore and clear it out of the wildlings, trees and bushes, collect resources (Wood, Metal, Rocks, Ores…

Caves of Qud
Good alternative game?

Caves of Qud is brilliant new Sci-Fi Fantasy, Action-RPG, and Strategy video game. It offers marvelous Roguelike elements and portrays them in the form of Retro-styled environment. The game lets you be a mutant warrior of a thousand year old civilization, explore the procedurally generated jungles and dungeons of Qud,…

Sword of the Stars: The Pit
Good alternative game?

Sword of the Stars: The Pit is an Action-Adventure, Dungeon Crawl, Puzzle-Platform and RTS video game with a Sci-Fi theme. The game is developed by Kerberos Production and allows you to engage yourself in a Rogue-like environment. Sword of the Stars: The Pit is set in a scientific facility with…

Dungeon of the Endless
Good alternative game?

Dungeon of the Endless is superb Dungeon Crawling, Action-RPG and Strategy-based video game by Amplitude Studios. Your task in the game is to be a skilled hero, Control a team of individuals like yourself and protect the generator of your crashed ship in order to survive and save your crew…

Good alternative game?

Flotilla is a 3D Turn-based Co-Op Multiplayer Space Exploration and Combat video game by Blendo Games. Set in a Randomly generated Galaxy environment, Flotila allows you and your opponents (Both Online and NPCs) to control a whole fleet of Spaceships, issue orders to engage in real-time combat and keep on…

King’s Bounty: Legions
Good alternative game?

King’s Bounty: Legions is an Awesome, Action, Turn-based, Massively Multiplayer Online, Role-playing, and Strategy video game developed and published by Nival. The game provides you with the combination of various genres such as Tower-defense, Combat, and Strategy and lets you engage yourself in exploration experience. The game takes place in…

FTL: Advanced Edition
Good alternative game?

FTL: Advanced Edition is a mix of Rough-like and Strategy elements developed and published by Subset Games for multiple platforms. The game supports Single-player mode only and introduces new playable race named as the Lanius with several event, equipment, and ships. It also includes a clone bay, that creates a…

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