16 Games Like SuperHotline Miami Deluxe

SuperHotline Miami Deluxe is a Top-down Shooter and Single-player video game available to play on browser. The game takes place in the stunning world and lets you take on the role of the protagonist who is a blue character. It has up to seven levels and each level offers challenging gameplay. Your primary task is to manipulate the world, shoot at enemy and avoid bullets who are coming toward you. When you shoot the enemy, it offers you a gun as a power-up and other enemies surrounding you shoot at you and the speed of their bullets become slow until you dodge them. Control your character using WASD keys and control his direction from mouse. It has two different modes such as Easy and Hard. If you are a master player and known how to play then you should try hard mode to immerse yourself in challenging experience. Eliminate all enemies and unlock other levels to score the highest points. With the best mechanics, addictive gameplay, and wonderful visuals, SuperHotline Miami Deluxe is the wonderful game to play and enjoy.

Amazing Escape: Mouse Maze
Good alternative game?

Amazing Escape: Mouse Maze is the best game which offers the similar gameplay to Pac-Man. The game revolves around Arcade and Single-player elements created by Tomato Factory for mobile platforms such as Android and iOS. The game offers cat and mouse gameplay and puts you in the role of the…

Tom and Jerry Mouse Maze FREE
Good alternative game?

Tom and Jerry Mouse Maze FREE is an Arcade and Single-player video game developed by GlobalFun Games for Android. The game takes place in the stunning world consists of dozens of levels full of cheese. It features the character from the popular cartoon series named Tom and Jerry and puts…

Scooby Doo: Saving Shaggy
Good alternative game?

Scooby Doo: Saving Shaggy is a Top-down, Arcade and Single-player video game created by GlobalFun Games. The game features the famous characters from the series of cartoon known as Scooby Doo. In the plot, Shaggy is captured in an ancient tomb, and you must assist Scooby to free Shaggy while…

Easter Diablo Maze
Good alternative game?

Easter Diablo Maze offers the similar gameplay to Pac-man. The game is an Arcade and Single-player video game for Android by Jodo Games. It includes maze-like stages with nice visuals. You control the small bunny who stuck in the maze. The objective is to gather the Easter eggs around the…

Canal Chase
Good alternative game?

Canal Chase focuses on Arcade and Single-player gameplay like Pac-Man. The game offers maze-like unique stages developed and published by Words and Maps for Android. Your task is to control a small canoe through dozens of challenging levels and struggle to gather all the fishes without being trapped by a…

Good alternative game?

Amidroid is an Arcade and Single-player video game like Pac-Man created by Rotas Kostas. The game uses intuitive controls and lets the player swipe his finger on the screen to move the character. The task of the player is to navigate the level, eat green dots, collect the bonus and…

Pac-Man Bounce
Good alternative game?

Pac-Man Bounce is a Mind-blowing Puzzle, Arcade and Single and Multiplayer video game for Android and iOS by Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe. The game introduces new stunning world filled with advanced monsters, power-ups and dots. Help the Pac-Man to explore the levels, and find a way out. Each level offers…

Pac Maze
Good alternative game?

Pac Maze is an Arcade, Dot Eater, and Single-player video game for those players who love playing thePac-Man game. The game is available to play on Android and iOS platforms and developed by Perun Labs. A small hero is trapped in a massive maze and needs your help to come…

Paku Paku
Good alternative game?

Paku Paku is an Addictive, Arcade, and Single-player video game for Windows. The game offers maze-like stages and includes different types of foes to fend off you by completing the levels. Control the character and try to eat dots. Once you eat all dots in the level, the game unlocks…

Forget Me Not
Good alternative game?

Forget Me Not is an Action, Arcade and Single-player video game for mobile platforms such as Android and iOS by Nyarlu Labs. The game offers the similar gameplay to Pac-Man and puts the player in the shooting experience. The player can control the little creature and his main objective is…

Dot Runner: Complete Edition
Good alternative game?

Dot Runner: Complete Edition is an Action, Dot-Eater, Arcade and Single-player video game for Nintendo 3DS created by Intense Co., Ltd. The game takes place in the dungeon environment and assigned you a task to eat dots that appear in the world before time runs out. The game features two…

Monaco: What’s Yours Is Mine
Good alternative game?

Monaco: What’s Yours Is Mine brings Stealth and Action elements for those who love playing challenging games. The game revolves around strategy, stealth, and top-down elements and supports both Single and Multiplayer modes created and published by Pocketwatch Games. The game comprises over four players and each can controls various…

Good alternative game?

Nutjitsu is an Arcade, Single-player, and Top-down video game developed by NinjaBee. The game takes place in the stunning world and allows you assume the role of the squirrel. There are a series of levels, and the game offers the similar gameplay like Pac-Man. Your objective is to walkthrough the…

Lode Runner
Good alternative game?

Lode Runner is a 1983 Old-Classic Arcade, Platform and Single-player video game for mobile platforms such as Android, Windows Phone and iOS. The game takes place in the static and maze-like levels where your aim is to dodge foes while climbing and running to collect gold like Pac-man. Jump is…

Good alternative game?

Pac-Man is a Single-player and Arcade video game developed by Namco. In the game, the player can control the character known as Pac-Man through the complex maze with the main aim to eat pac-dots also called biscuits. There are multiple stages, and the character is taken to the next level…

Wizard of Wor
Good alternative game?

Wizard of Wor is a Puzzle, Maze-based, Single and Multiplayer video game developed by6 Dave Nutting Associates and published by Midways. The game offers a brilliant gameplay, in which you controls a character loaded with a gun and his primary task is to kill all dinosaurs-like creatures within time limit.…

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