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39 Games Like Pokémon

Pokémon is an RPG (Role Playing Game), Puzzle and Adventure video game series developed by Game Freak in collaboration with Creatures Inc. and published by Nintendo. Originally developed for Nintendo Game Boy back in 1996, Pokémon holds a huge series of main games, spinoffs, and sequels and is the second bestselling game series of all time worldwide. The whole series provides with almost same type of gameplay with different storylines, turn-based combats and allows the players to capture and train any monster they want to. As the publishing company officially announced the end of the Pokémon series games, the players around the world said goodbye to the legendary game and the character of Pokémon with heavy heart, but mobile game developers took this task upon themselves and started making games like Pokémon shortly after. A lot of games created by mobile developers present almost similar game-play and other characteristics in their games like Pokémon. You won’t be able to find out much difference while playing. if you miss Pokemon, you can always try all the wonderful alternatives and enjoy a similar gaming experience.

ZENFORMS: Protectors
Good alternative game?

ZENFORMS: Protectors, developed by Calis Projects is an Action, Adventure, RPG and Puzzle video game set in a 2D world of planet Gaia. The game lets you use your skills and Zenform abilities to become a Grand Protector by capturing the hostiles and turning them on to your side. Capturing…

Good alternative game?

PokeMMO is an exciting new Action, Adventure, MMO, RPG and Puzzle video game that offers a Pokemon like game-play and mechanics. For all the Pokémon fans, PokeMMO is one amazing alternative that they can enjoy just as they did the Pokémon. With a rare and one of the best combination…

Mino Monsters 2: Evolution
Good alternative game?

Mino Monsters 2: Evolution is a fantastic new inclusion to the Mino Monsters series. This brilliant sequel to the original Mino Monsters offers a brilliant combination of Action, Adventure, RPG and Puzzle elements and allows you to Hunt and Capture a number of different types of monsters and creatures, Build…

Monster Kingdom
Good alternative game?

Monster Kingdom, an Action, Adventure, RPG (Role Playing Game) and Puzzle video game is developed by Zhurosoft and is available to play on both Android and iOS platforms. The game is set in a huge game world packed with different creatures and secrets, and lets you create an adventure for…

Good alternative game?

GeoSociety, developed by Ben Hill is a brilliant Action-Adventure, RPG (Role Playing Game) and Puzzle game that allows you to have a super cool experience of monster Hunting, Taming, breeding elements. The game is inspired by Pokémon and a number of old school games like that. GeoSociety lets you be…

Mino Monsters
Good alternative game?

Mino Monsters, developed by Mino Monsters Inc. is an  Action, Adventure, RPG and Puzzle video game available to play on iOS only. The game is set on a land filled with MinoMonsters and allows you to capture and train the monsters to create your dream team to battle and conquer…

Dragon City
Good alternative game?

Dragon City is a Wonderful Dragon Capturing, Taming, Training, City Building and Dragon Breeding video game for all the hardcore Community based gamers out there around the world. The game allows you to Build a massive Dragon City on Floating Islands, Train and Raise, and pet different kinds of dragons,…

Pokémon Volcano
Good alternative game?

Pokémon Volcano offers a Free to Play access for all the hardcore Pokémon fans out there. Without worries of the hefty download procedures, it instead allows the players to get registered Online and start playing the game right away. For all those who have played Pokémon Pearl, Pokémon Platinum, and…

Pokémon: Dawn of Darkness
Good alternative game?

Pokémon: Dawn of Darkness offers an epic MMORPG experience for all the hardcore fans of handheld consoles and games. The game allows the players to explore a huge and unique game world, enjoy hundreds of new and old maps, interactions with NPCs, enjoy all the fun Quests and unique Storylines…

Monster Squad
Good alternative game?

Monster Squad another great Action, Adventure, RPG (Role Playing Game), and a Puzzle video game developed and published by Nexon M Inc. for iOS and Android gaming platforms. Monster Squad takes you to a number of different adventures on different mystic lands and lets you capture and train the monsters…

Monster Galaxy: The Zodiac Islands
Good alternative game?

Monster Galaxy: The Zodiac Islands, developed by Gaia Interactive Inc. is a great Action, Adventure, RPG (Role Playing Game) and Puzzle video game available to play on both iOS and Android platforms. The game is set in a monster filled galaxy in which every monster is recognized by a zodiac…

Bulu Monster
Good alternative game?

Bulu Monster by Sigma Game Limited is an amazing Monster Capturing, Training and breeding video game that takes you to an amazing Bulu Island and lets you become a great Monster Trainer, Hunter and Caretaker. The game allows you to explore Bulu Island discover and capture 150 amazing monsters species,…

Wooparoo Mountain
Good alternative game?

Wooparoo Mountain is a great game about mysterious Wooparoo creatures living on the great Wooparoo Mountain. You are required in this enchanted game to go live on the Wooparoo Mountain, build up your new village from scratch, raise amazing mystical Wooparoo creatures, Go through 80 different species of Wooparoos, bree…

Dragon Wizard
Good alternative game?

Dragon Wizard is another cool Building and Dragon slaying RPG video game that lets you be a skilled Dragon Wizard. The game lets you be a true Dragon Master in a huge Fantasy world full of Cute, Fancy and Marvelous Dragons that you can capture, train, breed and use in…

Monster Rancher DS
Good alternative game?

Monster Rancher DS is an addictive, Exploration, Single and Multiplayer Life Simulation created by Cing and published by Tecmo for the Nintendo DS. The game revolving around raising, breeding and fighting monsters. The game lets you get into the role of the unseen protagonist and includes a menu options through…

Battle Camp
Good alternative game?

Battle Camp developed by PennyPop is a marvelous Action, Adventure, Puzzle and RPG video game for iOS and Android platforms. Battle Camp features a similar game-play and loads of other characteristics as Pokémon and lets you enjoy lot of puzzles and role-playing elements. The story-line of the game allows you…

Brave Frontier
Good alternative game?

Brave Frontier is an Action-Adventure and MMORPG Video game developed by A-Lim. The game is greatly inspired by Valkyrie Profile, Pokemon and Final Fantasy type of games and provides with a similar game-play and mechanics. Brave Frontier allows you to choose between the elemental powers of Lance (Earth), Vargas (Fire),…

Digimon World DS
Good alternative game?

Digimon World DS is an Action, Role-playing, and Single-player video game by Bandai Namco Games. It offers superb gameplay and lets the player get into the role of the Digimon Tamer and puts him into an epic adventure to find, raise, tame, and train over 230 exciting Digimon. The game…

Beastie Bay
Good alternative game?

Beastie Bay is a fantastic Action, Adventure, RPG and Puzzle video game developed by Kairosoft for Android and iOS devices. According to the storyline you with your allies explore an unknown territory filled with hordes of beasts and monsters. The only purpose of being on an unknown territory is to…

Haypi Monster
Good alternative game?

Haypi Monster is a closely related Action, Adventure, RPG (Role Playing Game) and Puzzle video game to Pokémon developed by Haypi Inc. Set in a monster world, Haypi Monster lets you battle against a huge number of monsters and capture them to make your dream team. You just need to…

My Monster Rancher
Good alternative game?

My Monster Rancher by Mobage is an Action, Adventure, RPG and Puzzle driven video game available on Android and iOS platforms. The game is a direct sequel to Monster Rancher and provides with a similar game play that is actually inspired by Pokémon. The game lets you be a top…

Dragon Mania Legends
Good alternative game?

Dragon Mania Legends takes you to a beautiful world of Dragonlandia and allows you to reclaim your beautiful world by Capturing, Taming, Training, Raising, Breeding, taking care of your rare Dragons, and with their help fighting legendary battles and by defeating your enemies. Your basic task in the game is…

Dragons World
Good alternative game?

Dragons World is a wonderful Dragon Capturing, Training, Raising, Building and Management video game that takes you to amazing new world of wonders where you can be a maestro by capturing, training, feeding and breeding various dragon species. The game takes you to a wonderful world of Flying Islands and…

Tiny Monsters
Good alternative game?

Tiny Monsters created by TinyCo is a brilliant monster Capturing, training and building video game similar to the popular Pokemon video games. The game takes you to an amazing wonderland of Elemental Creatures and allows you to Capture, Hatch, Raise and Breed Mysterious little monsters. With tons of new and…

Dragon Story
Good alternative game?

Dragon Story is another wonderful Dragon Capturing, Training, breeding and Caring video game that allows you to raise over 400 different species of Dragons, hatch and breed them to double up in numbers, build an amazing Dragon Village in the magical fantasy islands and be an amazingly skilled and an…

Good alternative game?

DragonVale is a wonderful Building, Management and Dragon Capturing, Training and Breeding Simulation that allows you to design and build a Park in which you can breed and pet multiple types of dragons, sell them and earn Dragon Cash. The game lets you use 10 main elements such as Plant,…

My Singing Monsters
Good alternative game?

My Singing Monsters takes you to an amazing world of strange creatures that you can capture, train, breed and raise and settle on some beautifully created islands. Your pet monsters will Hum, Sing and scream out loud and will eventually entertain you to the limits with all their sweet actions…

Monster Legends
Good alternative game?

Monster Legends is a fun Action-Adventure and Puzzle video game that offers a Pokemon inspired gameplay and mechanics. The game allows the player to enjoy Capturing, raising and training the most beautiful monsters and enjoy City Building elements in the game as well. Monster Legends lets the players breed and…

Creatures of Olympus
Good alternative game?

Creatures of Olympus by Frismos games is a wonderful Monster Hunting, Breeding and Management Simulation that takes the players back to the world of ancient Greece. Players in the game are tasked to have command over the World of Ancient Greece, build their own Olympian town, explore the legendary Greek…

Here Be Monsters
Good alternative game?

Here Be Monsters was an Online Multiplayer Monster Hunting video game specifically designed for Facebook. Published by Gamesys Ltd, Here Be Monsters allowed the players to explore the world by traveling to multiple destinations, collect loads of different types of rare items, crafting various types of in-game items and capturing…

Monster Rancher
Good alternative game?

Monster Rancher is a Strategy, Single and Multiplayer Life Simulation created and published by Tecmo. It is the first game in the series of Monster Rancher. The game revolves around breeding, raising, and fighting. It takes place in the fantasy-themed world populated with different monsters. Each monster has its unique…

Good alternative game?

UnovaRPG is a Monster Hunter, Role-playing, Browser-based, Single and Multiplayer video game. It takes place in the fantasy word populated with different Pokémon. The game offers the similar gameplay like Pokémon series and revolves around trading, catching, and battling. Get into the role of the trainer and explore the game…

Pokemon Vortex
Good alternative game?

Pokemon Vortex is a fabulous Monster Hunter, Exploration, Massively Multiplayer Online and Role-playing video game available to play on Browser. The game takes place in a fantasy world and lets the player get into the role of the trainer. The world is populated with thousands of Pokémon and ultimate task…

Pokemon Y
Good alternative game?

Pokemon Y is a Role-playing, Single and Multiplayer video game created by Game Freak and published by The Pokemon Company. It is the first release in the 6th generation of Pokemon series. Like previous entries, each game revolves around the struggle of a young Pokemon Trainer and his friends. The…

GeoSociety Plus
Good alternative game?

GeoSociety Plus takes you to further adventures of GeoSociety game and allows yo to immerse yourself into an epic Action, Adventure, RPG and Puzzle oriented gameplay experience. The game offers similar mechanics, game-play and other features to its predecessor GeoSociety and allows you to enjoy a more advanced and revamped…

Mighty Monsters
Good alternative game?

Mighty Monsters, developed and published by Uken Studios is another fun Puzzle, Action-Adventure and RPG video game by Uken. The game is heavily inspired by Pokémon and provides you with adventures that spread over a vast area of land. Mighty Monsters lets you become a great trainer of monsters by…

Kung Fu Pets
Good alternative game?

Kung Fu Pets is a cool new Pets Training, Capturing and Breeding Simulation by Com2Us. The game allows the players to discover a whole lot of new Mystical pets that can be trained and be made Kung Fu masters. The game is set in a beautiful Village named as Xiaolin…

Pocket Frogs
Good alternative game?

Pocket Frogs is an exciting Life-Simulation Virtual World video game by NimbleBit. The game offers playability on Android and iOS devices only. The objective of the game is to complete the FroggyDex by earning money. The earned money can then be used to buy, breed, and sell various species of…

Pokemon Nuzlocke Challenge
Good alternative game?

Pokémon Nuzlocke Challenge is an Action, Monster Hunter, Exploration, Single and Multiplayer video game. It takes place in the fictional world populated with thousands of monsters called Pokémon. It offers the similar gameplay like its previous games. You assume the role of the monster tamer and your ultimate task is…

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