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50 Games Like Fat Princess

Fat Princess is a Single and Multiplayer Action and Real-time Strategy video game Sony Computer Entertainment. The game is exclusively design for PlayStation consoles and allows the players to enjoy a remarkable gameplay. The game allows up to thirty two players in a multiplayer mode gameplay and assigns them the task of freeing the “Fat Princess” and bringing her back to the base. The Fat Princess remains always hungry, so the players must feed her with Cakes. That way the Fat princes will get heavier and abducting her will be so much difficult for the enemies. Fat Princess features sic different character classes such as Warriors, Mages, Rangers, Workers, Priests, and Villagers and Sub-classes such as Pirates, Giants, and Ninjas. Players are able to select any class and sub class of characters and perform tasks with their particular abilities. Fat Princess offers a Sequel named as Fat Princess Adventures and offers enhanced game mechanics, more missions and an addictive gameplay to enjoy. Do give it a try, Fat Princess is fun to play and enjoy.

Good alternative game?

Awesomenauts takes this fantastic genre to the heights of excitement as offers a great 2D MOBA experience and cross-platform playability as well. Created by the popular Ronimo Games, Awesomenauts is available to play on Xbox, PlayStation, Windows and Mac platforms. Set in the Distant Future, the game lets you control…

Magicka: Wizard Wars
Good alternative game?

Magicka: Wizard Wars is a Freemium, Action, MOBA and Strategy video game by Paradox Interactive. This fast-paced game is all about spell-casting, Combats and Strategy and provides with a unique spell system that makes the game-play more engaging. You are allowed to select and customize your wizard character and choose…

Magicka 2
Good alternative game?

Magicka 2 is a wonderful Action-RPG and Hack and Slash game by Pieces Interactive. You can play as single player and you have option to play as online cooperative players. Just like Magicka, in this game you are given some special magical skills to use and have a complete control…

Good alternative game?

Magicka is a wonderful Fantasy, Action-Adventure plus Hack and Slash game by Arrowhead Game Studios. This game has three different modes for you to enjoy the amazing game play. You can play as single player and you have option to play as online cooperative players up to four players. This…

Bloodline Champions
Good alternative game?

Bloodline Champions is a great Free-to-Play Action-Adventure and MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) video game that lets you enjoy amazingly Fast-paced Arena-based battles. Bloodline Champions offers a wonderful game-play that totally depends on your skills and abilities and allows you to enjoy enhanced mechanics of the game. Bloodline Champions allows…

Good alternative game?

Vainglory takes the MOBA genre to Smartphones and offers playability on iOS platform. The game offers a truly remarkable and fun-filled fluid gameplay that satisfies the players from almost every angle. With a brilliant Strategy focused gameplay, Vainglory offers a fantastic MOBA experience and plenty of depth in the core…

Heroes of Order and Chaos
Good alternative game?

Heroes of Order and Chaos is one of the most played and well liked MOBA video game that offers playability on both iOS and Android devices. Pioneer in shifting the MOBA genre over to the Mobile Platform, Heroes of Order and Chaos offers a truly amazing and quite addictive gameplay…

Good alternative game?

Minions is a cool Browser-based MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) video game. The game a unique style as compared to other standard MOBA video game and it offers playability almost everywhere you can take it. Minions have a fan following in millions, and it has very few restrictions and is…

Guilty Gear 2: Overture
Good alternative game?

Guilty Gear 2: Overture offers a truly fantastic Action and Strategy elements and combines them with the MOBA genre. Being one of the most played and well liked MOBA game, Guilty Gear 2: Overture offers a gameplay and mechanics similar to its predecessors. Guilty Gear 2: Overture is set a…

Super Monday Night Combat
Good alternative game?

Super Monday Night Combat or shortly stylized as SMNC is a fantastic Free to play MOBA video game. The game amalgamates brilliant Third-person Shooting elements into the core gameplay and offers a crazy good experience ever. The game allows yo to select any of the two leading teams and be…

Heroes of the Storm
Good alternative game?

Heroes of the Storm by Blizzard takes the already pacing MOBA genre to further heights as it offers diversity and plenty of room in gameplay. The game is now out of its Beta mode and offers a truly remarkable lineup of both characters and skill sets. Heroes of the Storm…

Good alternative game?

Supernova features a Sci-Fi setting and combines it with MOBA elements beautifully to offer a truly remarkable experience. The game provides many Unique Champion characters (known as Commanders) and lets you command over multiple types of characters such as Aliens, Humanoids and Battle Mechs. With all the fantastic MOBA elements,…

Atlas Reactor
Good alternative game?

Atlas Reactor mixes up Turn-based Strategy and MOBA elements together and offers a brilliant PvP experience based on that. Atlas Reactor provides plenty of room for both character selection and modifications and lets you control almost everything virtually. The game refers to the main characters as Freelancers and offers amazing…

Adventure Time: Battle Party
Good alternative game?

Adventure Time: Battle Party offers a unique yet amazing and quite exciting combination of Adventure Time Characters and MOBA elements. The game offers Browser-based playability and variety in gameplay that truly is fantastic as compared to a lot of other MOBA video games. Adventure Time: Battle Party lets you choose…

Guardians of Middle Earth
Good alternative game?

Guardians of Middle Earth takes you back to the Era of Middle Earth and offers a truly realistic MOBA video game experience. The game is available on all the main Console platforms such as Windows, Playstation, and Xbox. The game draws heavy inspiration from the “Lord of the Rings” universe…

Legendary Heroes
Good alternative game?

Legendary Heroes takes the MOBA genre back to Android and iOS platforms and offers a truly fantastic experience. The game mainly focuses on 3v3 (PvP) matches and provides hours-long Single player campaign, and allows you to play the game offline as well. The newer version of the game needs more…

Plants Wars
Good alternative game?

Plants Wars takes you to a beautiful and Colorful world of Plants and allows you to enjoy the most exciting RTS and MOBA gameplay. The game offers playability on both iOS and Android platforms, and it offers only Single player experience. Published by the GAMEVIL back in 2012 and it…

Big Story Little Heroes
Good alternative game?

Big Story Little Heroes is packed with fun MOBA and Casual elements and is not less than a treat for all the hardcore MOBA enthusiasts all around the globe. The game is entirely free to play and can be enjoyed on Facebook online. The game offers plenty of room for…

Dota 2
Good alternative game?

Dota 2 is a Free-to-Play Multiplayer Online Battle Arena MOBA video game by Valve Corporation. This Action-packed sequel to Dota lets you engage yourselves into epic team-based combat matches and allows you to be part of a 5 member team, fight against another team, defeat them and save your Ancients.…

League of Legends
Good alternative game?

League of Legends is an Action-RPG Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) video game by Riot Games. The game allows you to be an unnamed Summoner who controls a Victor with unique skills and abilities and lets you fight against multiple teams of online players or AIs. With one simple objective to…

Good alternative game?

Smite is a wonderful Third-person Action and Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) video game by Hi-Rez Studios. The game lets you be a mighty entity, take part in arena-based combat events, use your special powers and advanced tactics to defeat your enemies (Online Players), NPCs etc. and enjoy being part…

Shards of War
Good alternative game?

Shards of War is a wonderful Sci-Fi Action-Adventure MOBA video game by Bigpoint Games. This brilliant game is set in a Futuristic Dystopian world and allows you to be part of any of the two, five member teams, go full scale against the enemy Drones, Warriors and Turrets, advance to…

Dragons and Titans
Good alternative game?

Dragons and Titans is a wonderful Action-Adventure and MOBA video game that puts you right into the character of a Dragon Rider. Your task in the game is to train your Dragon pack and engage yourself into epic Arena-based battles against other dragon riders while wielding amazing weapons and using…

Games of Glory
Good alternative game?

Games of Glory is a stunningly Fast-paced Action and Thrill filled Action-Adventure and MOBA video game by Lightbulb Crew. The game is set in a Sci-Fi Open World Universe and allows you to control the player character, engage yourself into epic Team-based Arena battles with enemies in order to defeat…

Chaos Heroes Online
Good alternative game?

Chaos Heroes Online is another great Action-packed RTS (Real-Time Strategy) MOBA video game by SEGA. The game offers amazing team-based and intense-action filled MOBA experience and allows you to engage yourself into epic battles against the equally equipped enemies, destroy their bases and defend yours in order to win the…

Prime World
Good alternative game?

Prime World is a great inclusion to the MOBA genre and it stands out as the most unique and immersive game of all time because of its advanced mechanics, unique game-play and a lot of other cool features. The game lets you engage in to amazing team-based battles, build castles…

Good alternative game?

Strife is a wonderful Action-Adventure and MOBA video game that totally redefines this specific genre with amazing new aesthetics like enhanced mechanics, new characters, skills and abilities, weapons etc. With a wonderful new character customization option, crafting abilities and pet choices, Strife lets you earn experience points and currency that…

Rise of Incarnates
Good alternative game?

Rise of Incarnates is a freemium Action-packed MOBA and Co-Op Multiplayer Top-Down Shooter and Hack and Slash video game. Being a wonderful combination of Hack and Slash and Shooting and transforming elements, this game provides with a truly out of this world experience. Rise of Incarnates allows you to engage…

Heroes of Newerth
Good alternative game?

Heroes of Newerth is one of the biggest names of Action-Adventure and MOBA genre. This marvelous production of S2 Games is a Free-to-Play Multiplayer Online Battle Arena that takes inspiration from the great Defense of the Ancients (Dota) series and because of that it would definitely be not less than…

Sins of a Dark Age
Good alternative game?

Sins of a Dark Age is a wonderful Action-Adventure and MOBA (Multiplayer online Battle Arena) video game that offers wonderfully unique mechanics, game-play and takes you to an amazing Dark Fantasy setting. The game offers a lot of hero characters and allows you to have four unique skills and spells…

Infinite Crisis
Good alternative game?

Infinite Crisis is one the best game of Action-Adventure and MOBA genre that offers wonderful mechanics and a lot of exciting gaming modes along with loads of fantastic game characters and stuff. The game allows you to immerse yourself into an amazingly fast-paced action and thrill filled game-play by creating…

Battleline: Steel Warfare
Good alternative game?

Battleline: Steel Warfare is a cool Action-Adventure and MOBA video game that immerses you into an epic Tank warfare and offers a brilliant combination of Strategy and Action aesthetics. The game offers a huge number of tanks, gaming modes and a great MOBA experience in which you can be part…

Tome: Immortal Arena
Good alternative game?

Tome: Immortal Arena is a Fast-paced, Action-oriented MOBA video game similar to Dota and Shard of War series games and it takes you to an amazing world of team-based Arena fights and lets you have an amazing gaming experience. Tome: Immortal Arena offers 3v3 and 5v5 team battle events and…

Good alternative game?

Nosgoth is a Great Action-Adventure and MOBA game that is totally free-to-play and offers great PvP Combat elements with 4 v 4 battles including fights between vampires and humans. You have the choice to choose sides, character etc. Abilities like using different weapons just according to the situations and the…

Cronix Online
Good alternative game?

Cronix Online is a superb new Action-Adventure and MOBA video game that offers an Action-based game-play. The game is set in far future and tells the story of a war that broke out after the resources nearly ended on a worldwide scale. The cataclysmic events that took place afterwards, pushed…

Good alternative game?

AirMech is a wonderful new Free-to-play MOBA video game by Carbon Games that offers great Real-Time Strategy elements as well. The game lets you pilot huge robots, be part of a team and engage yourself into epic team-based battles. AirMech lets you go air born or fight your enemies on…

Solstice Arena
Good alternative game?

Solstice Arena by Zynga is a great Fast-paced 3v3 Team-based MOBA video game. The game allows you to fight against your friends or be part of a team of 3 members, go against the enemies in arenas and enjoy taking part in epic battles. The single player mode of the…

Good alternative game?

Panzar offers an amazing combination of Action MMORPG and Fantasy-based elements and allows you to engage yourself into epic team-based PvP (8 vs 8) and adventurous PvE combats with the enemies or take part in regular tournaments and earn real prizes. Panzar lets you immerse yourself into a world filled…

Good alternative game?

Paragon by Epic Games is a brand new Multiplayer Online battle Arena (MOBA) video game with Third-person perspective and beautifully created Symmetrical maps based up on bases situated on two different ends. The game allows you to be part of any of the two teams and defeat the other along…

Good alternative game?

DOTA or the Defense of the Ancients is a groundbreaking MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) video game by Valve Corporation. DOTA was initially released as a Community Created Mod for the popular video game Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos and for its expansion pack named as Warcraft 3: The Frozen…

The Witcher: Battle Arena
Good alternative game?

The Witcher: Battle Arena is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA), Fast-paced, Isometric and Combat video game for Android and iOS platforms. The game offers the similar gameplay like DOTA II and League of Legends where the player can team up with three other players and fight against rival factions…

Heroes Evolved
Good alternative game?

Heroes Evolved is an Action, Fast-paced, Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA), Strategy and F2P video game developed and published by R2 Games. The game focuses on team-based gameplay and designed for hardcore players. Select your character, make your place on a guild and jump into the game battle where you…

Arena of Heroes
Good alternative game?

Arena of Heroes is an addictive, Action, Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, Turn-based, and Combat video game developed and published by Sneaky Games. The game includes different character classes and allows the player pick one of them, create his own guild or join someone other to jump into battle. The game…

Battle of the Immortals
Good alternative game?

Battle of the Immortals is a 3D, Fantasy-based, Massively Multiplayer Online, and Role-playing video game by Perfect World Entertainment. The gameplay centers around completing quests, hunting epic monsters, and battling against other playing all around the globe to earn experience points. There are five different character classes such as Champion,…

Good alternative game?

Overgrowth is an Action, Parkour, Martial Arts, Third-person Perspective and Single-player Adventure video game released by Wolfire Games. It is the sequel to Lugaru and takes place in the pre-industrial world populated with fighter wolves, rabbits, rats, cats and dogs. The story of the game focuses on the Island known…

Good alternative game?

Demigod is an immersive, Action-Adventure, MOBA, Fantasy, Strategy, Single and Multiplayer video game developed by Gas Powered Games and published by Stardock Entertainment. The game provides with fast-paced and action-packed gameplay and lets you immerse yourself in fighting experience. The game takes place in the magical fantasy world, and the…

Good alternative game?

Gigantic is an Entertaining, Free-to-play, Action, MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena), and Multiplayer video game created by Motiga and published by Perfect World Entertainment. The game provides you with the combination of Third-person, Strategy, Exploration and Combat elements. The game features various character classes, each with its unique abilities, skills,…

Defense of the Ancients
Good alternative game?

Defense of the Ancients is an awesome, Action-Adventure, Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA), Co-op, and Multiplayer video game developed and published by Eul. The story of the game revolves around between two different teams such as the Scourge and the Sentinel. The game provides you with fast-paced and action-packed gameplay…

Good alternative game?

Smite Tactics is an Action, Massively Multiplayer Online, and Turn-based Strategy video game with MOBA and Real-time Strategy elements. The game takes place in the stunning environment filled with thousands of players around the world. You can get in the role of the protagonist and your task is to recruit…

Fates Forever
Good alternative game?

Fates Forever was an Adventure and Multiplayer Online Battle Arena video game developed and published by Hammer and Chisel for iOS. The game was featured up to ten playable characters and each with its unique abilities, personality, and skills. It took place in the fictional land populated by thousands of…

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