23 Games Like Black and White 2

Black and White 2 combines the elements of Real-time Strategy, god game, Building, and Crafting. It is the second entry in the Black and White series and supports single-player mode only. According to the story, the game world is threatened by the massive Army of Aztec who wants to destroy everything. The game puts you into the role of the protagonist and offers you a task to rebuild the base and transported the people to a new land. Assume the role of the Lord, lead your creatures, and defend them from evil. There are different types of creatures such as cow, anthropomorphic, turtle, ape, wolf, or tiger. Create structures to offer the shelter to your nation and offers all facilities that they need. Complete a series of levels and unlock miracles such as a meteor, water, fire, shield, and lightning and you can show your anger through four epic wonders such as volcano, earthquake, siren and hurricane. The game includes two factions such as god and evil and lets you select one of them, and you are also able to select one which the combination of this two factions. With detailed environment, addictive gameplay, brilliant mechanics, and superb controls, Black and White 2 is the best game to play and enjoy.

The Universim
Good alternative game?

The Universim is a City-Building, Sandbox, Resource Management, and Strategy video game with god-game elements created and published by Crytivo Games for multiple platforms. The game takes place in the world of The Universim and introduces a dynamic weather system creatures by the procedural planet generator. In the game, the…

Good alternative game?

Populous is an Adventure-based, Strategy, Single and Multiplayer video game by Electronic Arts. In this competition, the player can take on the role of a deity, who can lead his followers throw the manipulation direction and divine intervention with the primary aim of eliminating the followers that are led by…

Good alternative game?

Eufloria is a Physics-based Action-Adventure, Puzzle-Platform and  Sci-Fi video game by Omni Systems Limited. Set in a revolutionary space world, Eufloria features the protagonist who assumes the role of a Commander of different interstellar beings called Euflorians. Euflorians collect their resources from the asteroids and the commander uses different units…

Darwin Pond
Good alternative game?

Darwin Pond, by Rocket Science Games is a marvelous Action-RPG, and Life-Simulation. The game allows you to be part of a virtual world filled with thousands of wiggly things called the Swimmers. Your task is to control all of them and witness their evolution form a small organism to a…

Good alternative game?

Thrive is a cool Action-RPG, RTS and a life Simulation inspired by the popular Spore that offers similar game-play, mechanics and other characteristics. Thrive allows you to explore a massive universe, change it the way you like and evolve in a brilliant environment. You as a small organism will have…

Void Hunters
Good alternative game?

Void Hunters is a marvelous RTS and Action-RPG video game by Jagex Studios. The game offers a brilliant Spore like game play and focuses on its cell stage. In the game, your task is to control a small ship and grow by destroying other ships, picking up their parts and…

Artificial Life
Good alternative game?

Artificial Life is a cool Life-Simulation and RTS that offera truly amazing gameplay experience. The game allows you to witness the evolution of small organisms, manipulate the facts just according to your rules and manipulate the way in which the organisms evolve. The organisms in the game are all represented…

Civilization V
Good alternative game?

Civilization V is another great Action-RPG and RTS Life Simulation that allows you to build, explore, and manage resources just like you did in the Spore and specifically on the Civilization Stage. Civilization V offers amazing Turn-based RTS game-play in which your task is to simply control a whole civilization,…

Planetoid 3D
Good alternative game?

Planetoid 3D is a brilliant RTS, Action-RPG and Life Simulation that offers an immersive game-play and allows you to are in control of all the races and you can create totally new ones to settle up on some planet. Exploration, Management of resources and evolution of species and races is…

Good alternative game?

Flow is a wonderful addition to Life-Simulation genre and it offers a wonderfully addictive game-play. The game allows you to start off your journey as small cell organism, explore the watery world around you, eat, evolve and be part of the nature. This amazingly addictive and quite engaging game lets…

Species: Artificial Life, Real Evolution
Good alternative game?

Species: Artificial Life, Real Evolution is a wonderful combination of Life-Simulation, Action, RPG and RTS elements and provides with a brilliantly adictive and quite immersive gameplay experience. The game offers a close to nature type of game world in which you’ll definitely witness the life and its evolution by the…

Good alternative game?

DarkSpore by EA truly mimics the characteristics of Spore because of a very similar game-play, culture editing technology and other aesthetics. This Sci-Fi Action-RPG, RTS and Life-Simulation lets you battle against the enemies (Aliens), conquer a number of alien worlds, build structures, manage resources and let the lives thrive in…

Pocket God
Good alternative game?

Pocket God is an addictive, Arcade, Single-player with god-game element Simulation developed and published by Bolt Creative. The game takes place in the stunning world where you must manipulate the island. In the game, you can get into the role of the leader who can rules over a tropical island…

Good alternative game?

Spore is a wonderful RTS, Action-RPG and Fantasy-based Life Simulation developed by Maxis. It allows you to Develop, create and control different species, Explore different cultures and enjoy being part of the world that truly is created by yourself. With an amazing Open-Ended game-play, superb visuals, amazing storyline and other…

Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri
Good alternative game?

Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri mixes the elements of 4X, Turn-based, and Strategy by Firaxis Games and Sid Meier. It is a sequel to the series of Civilization and set in a Science-Fiction world near future. There are seven different factions comprises five humans and two non-humans and lets you select…

The Sims Castaway Stories
Good alternative game?

The Sims Castaway Stories combines the elements of Life-Simulation and god game. It has a single-player mode and available to play on Windows and Mac platforms. The game takes place on the tropical Island and allows you to assist Sims in building their shelters. The ultimate task is to become…

Celtic Village Heroes
Good alternative game?

Celtic Village Heroes is a god game and allows you create your own village in the magical world and controls its inhabitant. During the game, you can discovers a lot of magical powers, different people, and treasure. Control the technology, priorities, harvest and magic. Control villagers, gather resources, create your…

Spore Creatures
Good alternative game?

Spore Creatures is a Role-playing, Single and Multiplayer Life Simulation developed by Griptonite Games and published by Electronic Arts. The game mixes the elements of Adventure, god game and Science Fiction.  In the game world, the player evolves himself in the creation of the creature and led them during the…

Good alternative game?

Godus developed and published by 22Cans for Android and iOS platforms. It is a Single-player god game Simulation, and you starts the game by rescuing a woman and a man from drowning. Your ultimate task is to lead them throughout a variety of levels and build a tent to progress…

Dungeon Keeper 2
Good alternative game?

Dungeon Keeper 2 is a Dungeon Management, Real-time Strategy, Single and Multiplayer god game developed by Bullfrog Productions and published by Electronic Arts. It is the sequel to the original game Dungeon Keeper, and you can take on the role of the protagonist named as Dungeon Keeper, and his ultimate…

GodFinger 2
Good alternative game?

GodFinger 2 is an exciting, Building, Farming and Single-player god game developed and published by Jiggery Pokery for iOS platform only. The game is about creating a beautiful world, controlling each and everything, growing different crops, crafting valuable goods, and answering the prayers of the followers. It offers a superb…

Sid Meier’s Colonization
Good alternative game?

Sid Meier’s Colonization (also known as Colonization) is a Turn-based Strategy and Single-player video game created and published by MicroProse. The game takes place in the historical-themed world in 1942 and introduces different factions such as The Netherlands, England, Spain, and France. Each faction has its unique units, abilities, and…

Spore Hero Arena
Good alternative game?

Spore Hero Arena is a mix of Action-Adventure and Fighting elements and supports both Single-player and Multiplayer modes developed by Maxis and published by Electronic Arts. The game serves as the spin-off of Spore Hero and introduces new creature creation system and improved graphics. In the game, the player can…

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