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18 Games Like Euro Truck Simulator

Euro Truck Simulator is a vehicle simulation game developed by SCS Software. The game is set in the beautiful surroundings of Europe and takes you to an amazing tour of various cities from where you can pick up the cargo and deliver it to various locations. The game lets you choose your starting point chosen from various countries (Austria, France, Belgium, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, and Switzerland). After you have started, you can pick up the cargo from the storage and deliver it to the assigned destination. Every goods drop allows you to earn money that you can use to buy a new truck from a number of European manufacturers (Mercedes, Renault, Scania, and Volvo) or you can upgrade the one you are having and expand your business to other countries. Euro Truck Simulator is a great driving Simulation/game and provides with an amazing game-play filled with a lot of great things. Talking about best games like Euro Truck Simulator, we have created a list of some really cool driving simulators/games for you to play and enjoy. Let’s take a look the list below.

German Truck Simulator
Good Alternative?

German Truck Simulator is another great truck driving and racing simulation from the maker of Euro Truck Simulator. The game lets you be an employee of Virtual Haulage trucking company and travel to 18 cities to deliver cargo picked from various stations located on different locations in Germany. You can…

Euro Truck Simulator 2
Good Alternative?

Euro Truck Simulator 2 or Shortly stylized as ETS2 is a brilliant Vehicle Driving Simulation by SCS Software. The game is a Sequel to the popular “Euro Truck Simulator” and it offers a similar gameplay and mechanics and loads of new locations on the game map. Euro Truck Simulator 2…

UK Truck Simulator
Good Alternative?

UK Truck Simulator is a driving and racing simulation that allows you to transport various goods via roads in your trucks to different assigned or designated locations on the game map. You play the game as a worker in a virtual haulage company in UK and are trying to establish…

Good Alternative?

Spintires is a driving simulation that takes you to an amazing world of off-road driving adventures. You’ll get to drive all the off-road vehicles on different location with muddy roads and tracks. The game is set in Russia and allows you to transport different cargo items to their destinations on…

Bus Driver
Good Alternative?

Bus Driver is a great driving and racing simulation from the maker of Euro Truck Simulator. The game puts you into the character of a bus driver and allows you to drive different make and model buses (Ford B-Series, MCI D4500, Nova Bus RTS, Renault Agora, Volvo and Temsa Safari…

Scania Truck Driving Simulator
Good Alternative?

Scania Truck Driving Simulator is all about the beautiful and powerful rigs made by the Company of the same name. The game allows the players to get behind the wheel of the most advanced and iconic Trucks from Scania Company and enjoy a brilliant Driving Simulation like never before. With…

18 Wheels of Steel: American Long Haul
Good Alternative?

18 Wheels of Steel: American Long Haul a driving and racing simulation, is probably the best inclusion to the series 18 Wheels of Steel. The game lets you be an individual who owns the trucking and goods transporting business across North America. 18 Wheels of Steel: American Long Haul follows…

American Truck Simulator
Good Alternative?

American Truck Simulator or also known as ATS is a brand new Vehicle Driving Simulation by SCS software. The game is a parallel sequel to the popular Euro Truck Simulator 2 (By SCS Software), and it offers a similar gaming experience. Along with being a massive hit and a fantastic…

Farming Simulator 15
Good Alternative?

Farming Simulator 15 recently released in 2015 and is generally a simulation game. In the game you can be a manager of a farm and do all kinds of farming activities like breed livestock, grow crops and sell them in the market, but our main focus is on the driving…

City Car Driving – Car Driving Simulator
Good Alternative?

City Car Driving is an excellent Car Driving Simulation by Forward Development. The Simulation offers advanced Physics-based Car Driving experience for all the drivers and lets them learn to drive in different conditions, environments and situations. With a very realistic approach, City Car Driving offers high-quality graphics, physics-based mechanics and…

Train Simulator 2016
Good Alternative?

Train Simulator 2016 (Originally known as RailWorks)is a massive piece of satisfaction for all those who always dreamt of driving Trains. All those who can not Drive the Trains in real Life can enjoy this near reality Train Driving Simulation by Dovetail games. Filled with all kinds of challenges, Train…

Garbage Truck Simulator
Good Alternative?

Garbage Truck Simulator by Astragon Software is a fantastic inclusion to the Truck Driving Simulation genre. The game allows the players to get behind the wheel of a Garbage truck and start cleaning up the Streets of an unnamed European City. Besides being a brilliant driving simulation, Garbage Truck Simulator…

Rigs of Rods
Good Alternative?

Rigs of Rods is one of the most liked and played Free-to-Play Vehicle Driving Simulation that offers Soft-body Physics. The Soft-body Physics lets you enjoy Simulations for vehicle Destruction and Deformation. Initially, Rigs of Rods was published as an Open-source Truck Simulation but with the passage of time and continuous…

Driving Simulator 2013
Good Alternative?

Driving Simulator 2013 takes you to a whole new level of Driving Simulation genre. The game allows you to drive various types of Vehicles, race against the time, tow other vehicles, chase the bad guys or save lives driving an Ambulance. The game is mainly set in the vicinity of…

Good Alternative?

Jalopy is a Fantastic new Car Driving Simulation published by Excalbur Games. The addictive and quite an impressive Simulation is all about a Worn out, and Old German made Car named as Laika 601 Deluxe. Jalopy tasks the players to take good care of this Old Hog, explore vast parts…

Good Alternative?

OMSI 2 is a great Driving Simulation that offers a realistic Omnibus Driving Experience. The game is a direct sequel to the popular OMSI – The Bus Simulator and offers a similar gameplay and mechanics but loads of new and different Track, Busses and Routs, etc. The game includes new…

Good Alternative?

Rig’n’Roll is a truck driving and racing simulation and a great inclusion to the series Hard Truck. The game lets you get into the character of a young man who wants to set up his own trucking business in California and Nevada, United States. The game lets you be a…

Oil Platform Simulator
Good Alternative?

Oil Platform Simulator is kind of different from other driving simulation games because it lets you drive huge cargo ships and transport heavy oil rigs from one place to another. You get to play as a Ship driver who works as an oil rig transporter. Instead of trucks and other…


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