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10 Games Like The Room

The Room is a 3D Puzzle video game by Fireproof Games. The game offers a brilliant and challenging game-play in which you go through a number of Boxes built using the complex physical mechanisms. Your task is simply to find out the clues and possible solutions to open up the Boxes by solving the complex puzzles and move to the next level and enjoy solving more challenging puzzles in next game levels.With a unique 3D environment and a minimal story, the game tasks you to solve a number of challenging puzzles, offers various types of Boxes each packed with surprises, qualities and mysteries. The Room offers a Tutorial mode for you to get to know about the game environments and master the puzzle solving skills. With a lot of cool puzzles, brilliant story-line, beautiful visuals and sounds and an engaging game-play, The Room is a fun game to play. Do try it out for a fantastic Puzzle experience.

Forever Lost
Good Alternative?

Forever Lost is an awesome 3D Puzzle video game for all the Hardcore Puzzle gaming enthusiasts. The game is actually a series of hard and challenging puzzles set in different game episodes. With a bit creepy abandoned hospital setting, the game allows you to be the player character who wakes…

Puzzle House: Mystery Rising
Good Alternative?

Puzzle House: Mystery Rising is a wonderful 3D Puzzle video game by Puga Puma. The game offers amazingly difficult and extremely challenging puzzles and allows you to enjoy an amazing gaming experience. The game kicks off with you standing on your front porch when a drone smashes into the wall…

Doors and Rooms
Good Alternative?

Doors and Rooms is a great 3D Puzzle game with room escaping aesthetics. The game offers a visually similar game-play to The Room and allows you to solve amazingly challenging and quite twisted puzzles in order to Escape the hell created with Doors and Rooms. Your task in the game…

The Heist
Good Alternative?

The Heist is a great 3D Adventure and Puzzle video game that offers a wonderfully challenging physics-based game-play. Because of being a mixture of multiple puzzle genres, The Heist provides with an addictive and quite engaging series of challenging puzzles that bounds you to the gaming device for a god…

The Tiny Bang Story
Good Alternative?

The Tiny Bang Story is one of the best from the Adventure and Puzzle video games genres and it offers a beautiful blend of Room Escaping and Hidden Object Finding aesthetics. The game is set on a Tiny Planet, the home of tiny creatures that once was a wonderful and…

Roombreak: Escape Now
Good Alternative?

If you are a true Room Escaping Adventure and Puzzle games enthusiast, Roombreak: Escape Now is one amazing game for you. This super cool video game allows you to be anyone of the six beautiful characters of the game and follow the character specific game episode to engage yourself into…

The 11th Hour
Good Alternative?

The 11th Hour is a wonderful addition to the series of The 7th Guest. This wonderful Puzzle Adventure video game will once again take you to an abandoned mansion, lock you up good and will let you escape by solving the challenging puzzles. The game allows you to be the…

Escape the Titanic
Good Alternative?

Escape the Titanic is a superbly addictive and challenging Adventure-based Puzzle video game. As the name suggests, the game lets you escape the Mighty Historical ship Titanic and offers a variety of other different puzzles to let you enjoy a bit more. With an interactive game-play, wonderful setting and a…

Good Alternative?

Lume is a marvelously engaging and quite addictive 3D Adventure and Puzzle video game that offers Action aesthetics as well. The game is all set up on a cardboard like environment and allows you to set yourself up into the character of a young girl who lives in her grandfather’s…

Mystery of Time and Space
Good Alternative?

Mystery of Time and Space is a wonderfully challenging Adventure-based Puzzle video game by Albartus Games. With a series of Room Escaping puzzles, Hidden Object finding games and 20 levels of pure awesomeness, Mystery of Time and Space lets you enjoy a totally unique and immersive gaming experience. The game…

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